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Our modular systems are ideal for picking solutions including carts and trolleys, parts stores, pick-and-pack stations, static picking faces, live racking and large-scale split- or full-case picking facilities.

Each structure is built to make the best possible use of space and present items in the right position. The effective display of pick faces makes our order picking systems and trolleys beneficial to your workflow and productivity, as well as, ensuring your picking processes improve and can continually improve over time using our picking systems.

Material flows can be optimised to support FIFO, LIFO, KanBan and Flow Racking. We’re passionate about giving you the best customer service and part of this is helping you improve your lean processes and make sure our solutions are of maximum benefit to you.

Structures can be integrated with each other and with conventional facilities. They create highly dynamic, efficient and ergonomic picking environments that can be static or mobile to suit your processes. We can create a range of picking structures including warehouse picking trolleys and stations that help increase your input and output volumes. Interested in this solution? Download a brochure or talk to our expert team today.

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