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Our modular systems support visual management and the efficient presentation of parts to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

These can be integrated with each other, with modular production facilities, and with conventional structures to create sophisticated and stylish visual management and presentation platforms.

Components are available in a range of colours to match customers’ corporate styles.

Structures are easily modified when requirements change.

What Is Visual Management?

In lean, visual management is a way to organise and communicate workflow, expectations, and performance. Promoting transparency, visual representations help workforces stay focused on KPIs and efficiency. Information on visual management boards should be clear and easy to glance at.

When used correctly, visual control outperforms other types of management boards due to the reduced amount of written instructions. Creating a visual system that the whole team can understand at a glance. Learn more here

Benefits Of Visual Management Boards

  • Unity among the workforce
  • Empower your employees
  • Organise workflow & improve efficiency
  • Promote transparency and trust
  • Help with problem solving

The main use of having our visual boards is to communicate information for continuous improvement in work performance. Visual cues are a great communication tool & management technique and can be applied using one of our many 5s compliant solutions including shadow boards and information cubes. If you want to hear more about these products mentioned and how we can help boost your companies processes then get in touch here.

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