Introducing the raised dog bed


Raising the bar both for dog owners and dog comfort the Tube and Bracket Company have developed the new raised dog bed.

Designed especially to keep your dog clear of under the door draughts and winter chills.

The raised design is a real bonus for dogs in the summer, because the bed allows for constant airflow under and around the dog,  helping them remain cool and aiding a good night’s sleep.

Designed on clean lines with our modular stainless steel tube and coloured composite bracket system, the bed is chew resistant and modern.  Easy to dismantle for storage, transportation and cleaning.

The PVC bed area is waterproof and easy to clean, unlike typical dog beds which are laid on the floor and can be a source of dirt and dust mites. Both brackets and bed area are available in a variety of colours, to match decor and easily changed for cleaning and replacement.

Suitable for all breeds, large and small, our raised dog beds are available in 3 standard sizes; large, medium and small.  Custom sizes are also available on request.

New raised dog beds benefits and options

Please contact us to place an order, request a bespoke PVC bed area design or just for more information.  We are always happy to help.