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gravity production line

In July 2015, the building for the new Akebono Brake factory was completed near the city of Trenčín. The building covers 12,000 square meters with a total footprint of 42,000 square meters including surroundings.

Grand Opening Ceremony, June 2015

The new home of the world-famous Japanese company was opened in June 2015 with a grand ceremony attended by the Slovak Republic political leaders and the CEO of Akebono Brake Japan, Mr Hisataka Nobumoto.

Around this time a successful partnership began between Akebono Brake Slovakia and Trilogiq Slovakia when we were asked to supply the new production line built with the premium GRAPHIT system.

LEAN managers from Akebono Brake in Slovak and Japan were especially enthusiastic about the ease and aesthetic value of our system for their new, clean factory space.

We started the process of designing applications for the first test line. A conveyor system with handling elements and control tables. The first applications were delivered August 2015, leading to a substantial order of materials from the Japanese branch every month.

Over the last 2 years of our partnership dozens of bespoke solutions have been successfully developed with the GRAPHIT composite system; in addition to many standard storage racks and trolleys currently being used throughout the factory.

We have also helped Akebono Brake Slovakia workers with aluminium Bosch profile construction, installation of pick-to-light systems and delivery of hundreds of mobile carts that are very competitively priced.

The latest successful collaboration, in July 2017,  is the installation of the GRAPHIT Level 3 (nomenclature) assembly line.

L3 assembly line – design

Thanks to Mr Novák and Mr Valent, TRILOGIQ GRAPHIT has become synonymous with this successful partnership,  with the Akebono Brake factory in Trenčín becoming a showcase for Trilogiq Slovak.

We are pleased to hear that our partners when visiting the Akebono Brake factory have commented on how many beautiful, functional and fit for purpose applications are in operation, both for machines, storage and 5S activities.

A rather impressive testament is that despite the fact that the company is working with heavy components, brake callipers for Audi, BMW and Porsche luxury sports cars, they have not experienced any serious static malfunctions over the course of two years, apart from common faults associated with joint wear.

Please contact our sales team for more information and to find out how LEAN applications can benefit your working practices.


Bespoke solutions for Akebono Brake
Bespoke solutions for Akebono Brake
Bespoke solutions for Akebono Brake
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