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The Eurofins Biomnis laboratory is optimising storage flow using Trilogiq LEAN modular solutions.

Interview with Yannick Pochon, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) coordinator

Eurofins Biomnis, the European leader in specialised medical pathology, employs 1000 people on three main sites in France (Paris, Ivry sur Seine and Lyon). It became part of the Eurofins group in 2015 (a group of analysis laboratories created in Nantes in 1987, specialising in food processing, pharmacy, the environment and Medical biology).

The Challenge:

Biomnis needed to improve and rationalise its cold storage by installing cold-resistant, aluminium, modular flow racks. They recently chose TRILOGIQ equipment to fit out one of the cold rooms and optimise reagent cold storage.

Improving productivity and the flow of reagents stored in cold rooms

Our technical platform has a cold room in which we store reagents at a temperature of 4°C. We are COFRAC accredited, storage quality requirements are very high in the biological and medical analysis sector.

The storage composed of traditional shelving in the cold room was not adaptable and needed improvements. We especially wanted to optimise the flow of the many reagents that were stored. We needed a rational way to store them as they were re-stocked, depending on the machines they were used with and depending on need.  We not only had to find a supplier of modular storage equipment in line with our size constraints and that was capable of withstanding low temperatures, we also wanted a supplier to carry out a “lean” productivity and flow circulation diagnosis for us” explained Yannick Pochon, the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) coordinator

Eurofins-Biomnis-trolleyThe Solution:

LEAN diagnosis, recommendations and installation

The Biomnis Production Director was aware of the tempreture resistant composite material used by Trilogiq modular systems and storage solutions. Yannick Pochon got in touch with the Trilogiq France team to discuss the project. “Trilogiq offered to carry out a Lean study for us, which was then followed by recommendations and a quotation that was accepted” Yannick Pochon indicated.

The LEAN study took several days: Trilogiq experts arrived on site, assessed the project, collected the data required for the diagnosis (list of reagents, minimum and maximum stock levels, storage types, names of the machines the reagents are used with, locations, container sizes). then they gave recommendations and a proposal detailing how to optimise the flow and the type of equipment to install.
A LEAN solution, adjustable, ergonomic and cold resistant equipment, a Hoshin project (*)

Once the study, recommendations and quotation were accepted, the project took just one week; the TRILOGIQ Hoshin installation teams arrived with a truck full of equipment and carried out assembly on site assisted by the resident Biomnis expert.

The Benefits

Biomnis employees now benefit from an improved working environment. The easy to use, cold resistant, rust-proof solution is reliable and has the flexibility to offer spontaneous, tailored, ergonomic and adaptable results. Optimising the workflow has also had a major effect on increasing team productivity.

“Trilogiq proposed equipment designed to withstand the cold and installed it. Everything was wrapped up in one week. The advantage of Trilogiq tubular solutions is that they’re adaptable to any type of configuration. They’re a sort of Lego that adjusts to the sizes of our reagent boxes, the shelves were adjusted accordingly with the rack height and width also easy to vary, even when our suppliers change their packaging. We can now adjust our racks to the correct size for each reagent box, the racks are clipped to the frames which can also be adapted using a basic screw pitch” added Yannick Pochon.

In Yannick Pochon’s opinion:

“Trilogiq products are presented as being cold and rust proof, they meet our standards and are adapted to our needs. Our storage is optimised for the available space and the different containers. It has to be flexible. We have been using this lean solution for more than a year. A solution with advantageous ergonomics, modularity and adaptability which is highly appreciated by our staff. Compared to our previous equipment it’s a complete change. The assessment is therefore positive”.

(*) The Hoshin method or Hoshin project is a management system allowing the business to focus all its efforts and resources on the rapid materialisation of an objective through solution creation.

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A LEAN solution, adjustable, ergonomic and cold resistant equipment
A LEAN solution, adjustable, ergonomic and cold resistant equipment


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