EuroServhi’ Cleans up in the Health Sector with Lean Manufacturing

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Europe’s leading manufacturer of hygiene products increases productivity and performance with bespoke workstations.

EuroServhi (European and Health Services SA) are Europe’s leading manufacturer of
hygiene products in the health sector

Established in 1989, they have over 20 years experience and a far-reaching customer base including major public and private organisations. Responsible for the care, wellbeing and safety of employees, customers, patients, and the general public, the quality of their service is widely known and they are active in promoting a healthy and safe environment for all.

They aim to meet each request individually, ensuring efficient service to the customers they provide with hygienic and bacteriostatic rubbish removal, carpets, deodorisation systems, insect lamps, anti-parasite treatment and sanitary accessories, from fourteen offices throughout Spain.

In order to increase productivity and improve the ergonomics of employees working environments, in line with their lean manufacturing policy, they recognised the need to reduce unnecessary movements in working areas and decrease time required to complete tasks and reduce their costs.

The Trilogiq Iberia professional team designed and built multi-functional ergonomic workstations to eliminate the need for operator to move, grab or over stretch to reach or manipulate tools, equipment and components.

These custom workstations consist of a fixed assembly area and another for supply components. Two mobile modules add storage for added functionality and space-saving, making sure that all items are in the right position and at hand as required.  Operators benefit from the customised ergonomic workstations which reduce movement and increase their productivity and performance.

EuroServhi plan to pass the savings made onto growth and innovation and continuing to offer customers the best quality service.

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