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ULM Team prepare for TILT test.

Jemma-Louise from the Tube and Bracket Marketing Team went to Silverstone on the 15th July to see University of Liverpool Motorsport in action, and to find out what the Formula Student competition is all about.  (Held this year from 15th-17th July)

formula student at SilverstoneShe found some of the team in the Pits on arrival, and introduced herself while their car was in Scrutineering for safety checks. Given a warm welcome, Jemma-Louise joined them and the rest of the team in collecting their car.  This was Jemma-Louise’s first viewing of the finished car, now sporting the logos of all their sponsors, including the Tube and Bracket Company.  

Jemma-Louise told us The team were very friendly and welcoming and very appreciative of the racks we provided. They said the racks have made such a difference this year.  All the parts are so much easier to access than in previous years, which makes working on the car quicker and more efficient by having parts within easybuilding our race racks reach.

Adam showed me around the event and took me to where they would be taking part in the tilt, noise and brake tests that day. I was very
impressed with the car.

I  also had the opportunity to speak with their lecturers, who were very appreciative of our support. Without sponsorship, events like this could not go ahead. The UK Universities get a small budget and everything else is sourced from sponsors. Whereas other countries have a much higher budget so can afford to do a lot more to their cars.”

After the car passed the Tilt test, they proceeded to queue for their turn in the noise test, the team made adjustments and fixed problems on the fly to make sure they passed.

Jemma-Louise added “I went to the VIP area for Tea and Cakes, then got back to the pits where they were making final adjustments to the car ready for the break test. It was great to see the car and racks in the pit and to see how they looked together, especially comparing theirs to the other competitors pits, ULM was very organised and tidy.”

Congratulations on a great achievement. ULM got 3rd best British team and came 15th overall.

Check out footage of ULM taking on the skid pad track.

Formula Student is Europe’s biggest educational motorsport event. Challenging student engineers to innovate, design, build and compete as a team with their own single seat racing car. The annual event is run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and was first held in the UK in 1998.

The competition aims to inspire and develop enterprising and innovative young engineers, by promoting the skills required in industry; creativity and technical ability; teamwork and communication; logistics and the ability to manage budgets and time.

At the beginning of the university year the teams start to design their cars. They are to assume that a manufacturing firm has commissioned them to produce a prototype car for the nonprofessional autocross or sprint racer sales market with the intention of selling 1000 units per year.

The team’s hard work culminated in July, the annual event, at the famous Silverstone Racing Circuit. The teams demonstrated to the judges through a series of events, that their car is fit for purpose, as well as presenting a business plan to sell their concept to potential investors.

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