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SQCDP display boards

At the Tube and Bracket company we use Visual Management to communicate throughout the offices  and Factory. For example a SQCDP board was recently introduced to record and measure metrics:

Safety – safety measures achieved each day are monitored, recorded and marked as green if met and red if not. Monitoring near misses and safety violations helps us reduce accidents, time off due to injury and helps us stamp out unsafe working practices.

Quality – defects rates for technical drawing, cutting and assembly are monitored and recorded to highlight areas for improvement, this has helped us reduce waste.

Cost – Man hours, transport, suppliers, material costs and chargebacks define the cost of our quality metric.

Delivery – Fulfilment of orders completed on time are recorded here to help us achieve our 100% target

People – We use the People section of the board to share information about team achievements and thank you’s from customers. Timekeeping, sickness, holidays are also communicated here. This helps us highlight where cover may be needed and can reveal issues,  for example if someone is consistently late or absent.


“Our SQCDP board serves as a focal point for key issues that affect our day to day operational activity.   

By implementing tried and tested techniques from the Aerospace, Automotive and many other world class manufacturing sites, we can adapt and tailor our KPI’s. This helps to provide data driven improvement activities that have previously been difficult to implement effectively.”

Commented, Dina Beeney, Country Manager.


SQCDP Visual Management Boards are just one of the ways we communicate with our teams, we also use a KANBAN Board for our Marketing activities which is visible to all our staff in the tea-making area. This is where marketing activities are recorded to communicate status, progress, and issues.

Because our marketing activities are highly visible throughout the company, other departments are made aware of the campaigns we are running and are encouraged to share ideas, photography and content from the projects they are working on.


“The goal of our Kanban system is to limit the amount of work in process so that work flows through the system matching capacity. In other words, this system helps us to plan our deadlines and handle traffic, keeping it moving smoothly through the steps in our processes. When the system becomes overloaded with work, everything slows down, and the smooth flow of work can be impeded causing a bottleneck. Stuck work is easy to spot on the Kanban board, because when work piles up on the affected timeline it gives us an instant alert that a work area is in need of attention.”

Explained Joe Jones, Brand and Marketing, at The Tube and Bracket Company

“The Kanban board has given us instant visibility of work in progress, helping us to optimise our workflow for improved effectiveness.”


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Mobile SQCDP board, branded to include your logo.

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Board to be used with magnets and dry wipe pens.
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Generally as photographed above.

Frame is Stainless tubing/Silver brackets.

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