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“It’s brand new, surprising, and very positive for our entire staff.”

Sunna Design, an innovative company specialising in intelligent solar street lighting and recently named ‘Showcase Industry of the Future,’ has chosen to entrust the realisation of their production processes to TRILOGIQ.
Sunna Design, in France, produces innovative sustainable solar lighting solutions for public spaces, specifically adapted to climatic conditions and difficult environments.  Established in 2010, they have installed more than 5,000 solar lamps in some 20 countries.

Sunna Designs chose Trilogiq because the modular workstation solutions are easy to use and customise. This ensures operators can work as effectively as possible and products are delivered on time.

Unique GRAPHIT solutions, made to measure by our Lean experts and Hoshin teams, were designed on-site, assembled and adjusted by our colleagues in France to adapt perfectly to the exact conditions of use.

“Compared with their competitors products, graphit applications require very few tools and are easily assembled, disassembled and reconfigured to exactly match with our ergonomic principles and demands.”

“It would require maybe week or months for us to do this alone, so the real added value of these production tools are the knowledge and know-how. In just one day, their technicians built all our workstations. I did a quick calculation it’s about 72 carts.”

“We did an experiment, taking out the production line and clearing everything out, then we re-launched production. Each operator came in with his cart, positioned it well and locked the brakes. Plugged into a 220 volt outlet and into the network. The supply cart was filled with materials, it took us less than five minutes to launch production! It’s brand new, surprising, and very positive for our entire staff.”

Translated from video narration by Benjamin Minet,
Production and Method Manager at Sunna Design

Founder, Thomas Samuel, a young engineer at the time, promised to reach his goal of finding a reliable and sustainable solution for public lighting, but still accessible to everyone, even in the rural areas of developing countries.

Five years later, the company received nearly 8 international prizes (MIT, Ernst & Young, La Tribune …), realised two fundraisers for a total of 6.6 million euros, together with prestigious partners such as the CEA , Saft, Schneider Electric, Thorn, filed 10 patents for breaking innovations, and has thus taken a leading position in the field of solar street lights.

“We have never been so close to the start-up spirit. Because we must constantly reinvent ourselves to continue to make a difference. The task is immense: getting electricity to populations without access to energy. “

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