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Customised solutions can really benefit companies who aim to practice continuous improvement in Lean Manufacturing, because they are built to fit the available space and the workforce. For example workbenches, trolleys and flow-racks, customised to fit the needs of individuals will result in more efficient working, reduced repetitive strain injuries and increased productivity.

Customised event workstation

When customer demand increases, outdated practices and a loss of direction can be a big problem for the growing manufacturing company, as overheads and logistic costs soar the demands and pressures of keeping up become a daily grind.

Traditional manufacturing processes can result in defects and overproduction. This is because outdated procedures include wasteful processes and unnecessary material handling, requiring more operators for the completion of each task, resulting in extra costs and processing times.

Lean manufacturing is a practice designed to reduce process, stock and area waste, delivering enhanced value to the customer.

Ideally production processes should be improved without disrupting workflow. Most manufacturing equipment is static and unsuitable for an environment that requires flexibility and adaptability for continuous improvement. Graphit and Leantek solutions can be designed, constructed, delivered and installed as a completed application. We offer a planning and build to order service, our teams will design solutions to meet your exact specifications.

Graphit and Leantek systems are reusable and have the flexibility for making changes on demand, being quick and easy to assemble and adapt with no special training or tools. This invites the participation of employees in making improvements, a key principle of Lean manufacturing. Encouraging employees to ‘take ownership’ of their environment, to notice areas in need of improvement and to find ways of reducing wastage rather than waiting for managerial intervention.  This helps to foster a more satisfying working environment and can give instant results.

Our services include:

  • Workspace planning,
  • Construction coordination
  • Complete installation of applications, ready for immediate use.


Delivered and installed ready for their intended purpose, our applications are fully functional with no need to customise. Fully stocked with all the tools and equipment needed for each task and ready for action within minutes.

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