Easing the pain of an increased workload

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As manufacturers re-evaluate their production and supply chain with increasing workloads,  logistics providers must react with value propositions and new business models.  Off-site kitting and sequencing, advanced ‘just-in-time’ inventory management and delivery, improved automated picking systems and innovative visual management are becoming standard practice not the exception.

mobile-workunitWell planned and implemented logistics guarantee the material flow that keeps the process moving and, at its best, responsive, expansive and dynamic.  For manufacturing companies the competitive planning of logistics can be a massive headache, but when things are working well, life is beautiful and the advantages realised.  Even the best models are tested to the limit when the supply chain is interrupted by raising fuel prices, industrial action, or unpredictable environmental changes.

While markets become more competitive, valuable advantages can be realised by finding new approaches to process management and logistics and clearly showing potential customers what differentiates you from your competition. Gravity conveyors, live storage, custom picking trolleys, modular workstations, and flow-racks work well together to create a material handling system that will impress your prospects.

Flow-racks used to move product between loading dock, storage areas and workplaces, helps to position equipment on conveyors for easy manipulate at each process location. Material can be transported with reduced manual handling. The use of positioning trolleys and flow-racks can raise the productivity of each worker when the frequency of handling is high. When handling heavy and awkward items, damage to valuable materials and equipment is limited and product quality is improved. Damage and injuries caused by operator fatigue can be reduced and the environment made hazard free and accessible.

One of our customers has accommodated a massive increase in workloads by installing new live storage racks built from our modular components. The company calculated that 50 new storage racks in two configurations were required in a 1000 square metre area. Modifications to existing fabricated storage racks would have been costly and time consuming because they were being used to support production. The project was completed within a tight four week deadline imposed by the customer.

Our solutions can be easily integrated into your current manufacturing processes and be immediately ready to use upon implementation. Designed to fulfill a specific process, our solutions will help you to save workspace, increase productivity and protect valuable parts.

As our customer you will benefit from the advantages of our entire global network for low cost, speed and flexibility. Our knowledge and expertise has been boosted by our international links as part of the Trilogiq group and focused on a diverse approach to solutions engineering worldwide.

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