Essential technology for Kaizen continuous improvement

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To sustain continuous improvement, systems need to facilitate the rapid build, implementation and frequent reconfiguration of applications for materials-handling and storage.

This technology is essential for companies applying a Kaizen continuous improvement process. The Tube and Bracket Company have developed the modular technology to provide bespoke solutions including racks, Kanban/FIFO live storage, carts and trolleys across a wide range of industries.

Our comprehensive range of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic-coated or extremely lightweight carbon fibre tubing provides the versatility to suit any type of application.

Graphit (composite) or Leantek (steel) connectors enable the design and build of bespoke racks and assemblies not readily available ‘off the shelf.’ ESD is also available for use in static sensitive areas.

An extensive range of both insert and plate mounted castors are available for the design of mobile racks and trolleys.

Varying wheel sizes are utilised to suit specific load capacities, solid or pneumatic tyres can be specified to suit the operating environment.

Heavy duty roller tracks combined with a full range of adaptor brackets complete the range, enabling the design of live storage racks with first-in-first-out stock management.
A variety of integral guides are available to ensure accurate stock separation and identification within the pick face.

Our modular system enables rapid implementation and reconfiguration. New or temporary applications can be built quickly and adapted easily to meet challenging process changes. This
means that the overall cost of implementation and ownership is reduced because all components can be reused for new applications.

We build workstations and lineside storage to exactly the size needed,  saving customers a significant amount of floor space. This can have many benefits, including space gained for other tasks and processes. The extra productivity this allows can translate into rapid return on the investment.

Contact us to discuss your unique requirements. Our team has the know-how to provide waste reduction and space saving solutions that can be built at our factory, supplied and fitted in a matter of days with minimal disruption to your production processes.