Fish specialists find recipe for success with Graphit


Riberalves, world leader in the acquisition and processing of fish, set high standards throughout the industry with lean manufacturing innovation.


The quality of their products and efficient distribution have always been of paramount importance to Riberalves, who have been successfully established for over twenty years. Now that they are increasing their exports abroad, (mainly to the Brazilian, Angola and French markets) the challenge is to Improve the ergonomics of their existing production structures and increase space, to meet the needs of the business and their philosophy of continuous improvement.



Riberalves wanted to achieve a lean manufacturing environment, ensuring seamless workflow and optimising their productivity. Their existing mechanically welded production line offered the greatest challenge, as it did not allow for adjustment or  expansion of their supply areas or workstations.

RiberalvesRiberalves, (customers of Trilogiq Iberia – subsidiary of Trilogiq group operating in Spain and Portugal), contacted Trilogiq Iberia for help with improving their production process and creating a lean manufacturing environment.

We offered the perfect solution for the sensitive environment, our totally waterproof, brand new Graphit system, extremely light and flexible, the ideal framework for an expanding lean and productive environment.

Trilogiq Iberia; built a bespoke stainless steel application with aseptic roller tracks, on three levels, each with two adjustable shelves, raising to the challenge to optimise the carrying capacity of each level by improving the use of space.

The modernised production unit now offers Riberalves’ operators a visually pleasing and ergonomic environment, enabling Riberalves to increase production by a substantial 40% and freeing up nearly 50% of the space they use.

If you are facing a challenges with your production line, we can help you!

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