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Heavy items can be difficult to move and store when space is at a premium.

Many industries use shelving to store equipment and trolleys to move it. However, access can be limited when large items are stored a little too snugly, or heavy items need to be lifted with additional equipment. This can cause it’s own set of problems.

The Tube & Bracket Company, well known for creating highly efficient, adaptable and lightweight line-side storage for handling items in the warehouse, factory or workshop, has recently built bespoke gas lifted shelving solutions for easy component access, moving and handling.

The shelved trolleys are designed so that replenishment of components and sub-assemblies can be delivered to the assembly area or workstation without risk of damage or operator injury. Once unloaded, the empty shelves can be lifted up in sequence, positioned out of the way, to allow easy access to the next shelf below for hoists and lifting equipment, supporting strict stock rotation and quality assurance.

Shelves can then be lowered again, in turn and completed items fed back onto the trolleys, ready to be moved out of the production area in a similar way.

gas-lifted-shelving-sideview One of our customers, a leading innovator in equipment and software for the healthcare industry, uses this type of trolley to enable a sequential pick of components in order to complete a sub assembly build.
As the parts are very heavy, they needed to be lifted using an assister. The lift assister needs to access the parts, hence the gas-lifted shelf solution.

Structures created using Graphit and Leantek tubes and brackets can be optimised for the shape, size and weight of the items being handled, the specific space available or the processes employed. Their lightness ensures they are easier to move than similar structures made with traditional materials.

Lift assisted shelving is available in bespoke sizes to ensure that all your valuable workspace is used to its full potential. Aluminium and stainless steel tubes and shelves ensure structures are significantly lighter than those built with traditional materials, yet remain strong, durable and resilient.

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