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If you’ve ever been frustrated by missing or damaged tools then it’s time to organise your workspace!

KITTING TROLLEY WITH SHADOWBOARDAre you more productive when organised? When everything is where it should be it makes it so much easier to focus on the task at hand. No interruptions to look for vital components and tools. Imagine your whole production line with the same advantage, every tool exactly where it should be, kept in tip-top condition.

Getting organised is easy with integrated shadow boards. Designed to fit with workbenches, carts and trolleys to support the efficient completion of tasks by keeping your tools in the correct position and ready for use.

Delicate components, fragile items  and unusual shaped tools can be handled and stored efficiently and safely in production, distribution and servicing environments using adaptable and organised workbenches with integrated shadow boards.
Designed to keep tools exactly where they should be. Shadow boards can help save significant time and money. Tools are easy to find and components are protected and kept apart to avoid unnecessary wear and damage.

Shadow boards are a 5S asset when combined with ergonomic workstations, carts and trolleys. They can be created to accommodate and store items perfectly in easy-to-identify designated places. This ensures that tools are returned to the correct position and so are easily found again when needed.

Our shadow boards are available in a range of colours with anti-static (ESD-protection). Custom-made to fit industrial applications and to suit the needs of your production line.  Created especially for the tools and components you use, they help to increase productivity, save time and maximise your profits.
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tooling board

Our workstations, carts and trolleys can all be assembled in almost any configuration and matched to a specific application with integrated shadow boards to organise a wide range of tools and components. The ideal solution for handling items where adaptability and flexibility are required to support best practice and performance improvement.

Components for all our solutions are completely interchangeable and reusable so that applications can be modified, adapted or rebuilt, using basic tools, whenever handling requirements change. This helps users maintain handling efficiency while protecting your initial investment over an extended working life.

GRAPHIT and LEANTEK offer a  wide range of components, brackets, wheels and accessories, assembled into lightweight and maneuverable solutions that offer greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness than comparable devices made from welded steel and similar materials.

The Tube and  Bracket Company offer a complete range of consultancy, project management, design, build and component supply services. Contact us more information on shadow boards and integrated solutions supplied bespoke to suit your unique manufacturing requirements.