Have you seen the light when it comes to flexibility?


Consistent performance and flexibility are important in production. Increased demand and changing processes can require structures to be changed quickly.

A high level of flexibility can be achieved by using bespoke workbenches, racking and conveyor solutions created from our modular systems.  Allowing quick and easy adjustments whenever the need arises with minimal disruption to productivity.

One of our customers;  a leading Industrial Lighting manufacturer, are transforming their production areas by replacing welded fabrications with structures built using our Graphit modular component system.

Having found welded structures problematic; “because once designed and implemented you are stuck with them, it is often difficult to make changes and frequently necessary to start again from scratch.  Graphit is a modular system which enables speed and flexibility, so changes can be made whenever you like.”

After assessing potential suppliers, the company chose our modular Graphit system, comprising of a complete set of tubes, brackets, roller track and accessories. Modular production cells, workstations, component stores, picking carts, and trolleys for handling and storage are being introduced, enabling them to reconfigure production facilities quickly and easily in response to changing requirements to maintain performance and increase efficiency.

The first installations were created to a design agreed with the customer at our factory in Banbury, and delivered towards the end of 2015. They now create their own structures on-site. Establishing a kaizen department staffed by two people, storing components to ensure constant availability for reconfigurations and to create new structures.

The Company had reconfigured seven workstation areas out of a total of around 60 on site using Graphit by the end of the first quarter of 2016. They are making changes gradually to ensure smooth transition and to allow time to educate and familiarise employees on the adaptability and other benefits of the system.
Graphit components are manufactured from composites, aluminium and stainless steel to ensure structures are extremely strong, durable and lightweight. The tubes can be cut to any length and connected in any orientation to create robust structures that present items at precisely the right position for the most convenient access and ergonomic working.

The system’s composite brackets ensure strong joints for rigidity, that are watertight and dust-proof to help maintain the integrity of structures. All components are interchangeable and reusable which means structures can be modified whenever needed very quickly. Combinations of aluminium tubes and composite brackets can be supplied in colours that complement existing décor and branding.

“The support from The Tube & Bracket Company has been excellent,”

“They are fast and efficient and we can phone up and get a quote for an order very quickly. The account manager calls in regularly to offer advice.”