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Operational excellence doesn’t require a huge investment, Just a commitment to succeed. Your organisation can improve productivity and profitability by making quick and simple changes.

Often, when factories, warehouses and distribution centres introduce new conveyors, workcells or storage racks they focus on the way they have always worked, rather than reviewing and updating their processes. To find new ways of working, a culture of continuous improvement is required. To achieve greater targets and to modernise the working environment we need to turn…

“We’ve always done it this way” into “How can we do it better?”

When adapting to changes in demand, flexibility is key to maintaining a reliable and consistent supply. The ability to adjust and manage each aspect of the process so that you can continuously improve systems and get a good return on your investment.

By constantly evaluating new tools and solutions and staying aware of what is going on in your industry, you can eliminate hidden wastes and reduce lead times.
For example; Having a central location for value-adding operations can be economic and help to maximise storage and space.

Having the right components delivered to the right location at the right time will increase productivity. Conveyors, live storage and trolleys, custom designed for transportation, stock control and monitoring the flow and storage of goods into, within and out of the factory, will help you organise the storage and distribution of goods and ensure you satisfy customer demands.

Find the right balance between minimising stock and meeting demand, by using FIFO lineside storage; parts supermarkets and kitting trolleys to make the threat of a stock shortage visible before it actually arises.


Our Kaizen solutions help you to provide just-in-time deliveries direct to your assembly line, enabling you to keep task bins filled whilst minimising the amount of inventory in the system.

With a relatively simple analysis you can gain quick insights that lead to increased productivity. For more information see:  Is it time to review your production process?

As supply chain strategies become increasingly important, introducing a modular system that can be reconfigured with minimal disruption, can have far reaching benefits, reducing  production downtime, so that you can stay ahead of falling prices and growing demand.

production line

Our team can help you to identify the products and solutions your need for optimisation of your supply chain.  Custom applications to help you maximise efficiency, achieve cost reductions and increase productivity.

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