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Our modular systems are used extensively throughout the transport, logistics and distribution sectors.

They enable the simple, efficient and safe handling of all kinds of items. Possible applications include picking carts and flow racks. These can be configured to support operations such as stand-alone pick faces, pick-and-pack stations, and large-scale split or full-case picking facilities. Component carts enable the safe and efficient handling and transport of delicate and high-value items.

Our modular systems are widely used in sorting offices and distribution centres in the UK and Europe.

They enable the simple and efficient handling of all kinds of postal items. Structures include sorting frames, tote fills, recycling stations, and ergonomic 5S workstations. We have devised and implemented many solutions for postal service providers. These have improved productivity, reduced work-related injuries, and saved millions of Euros each year.

storage racking for food distribution

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