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Our modular systems are ideal for appliance production. Structures can be used throughout the supply chain – from supplier to lineside. This enables users to handle and store critical and sensitive components and sub-assemblies safely, accurately and efficiently. By optimizing material flows, these structures ensure items are always in the right place at the right time for high-performance lean manufacturing.

As many aspects of appliance production, such as market specific product options, long supply chains, and repetitive assembly are similar in the automotive industry, innovations can be cross transferred from one industry to another rapidly and successfully.

Our modular systems are ideal for electronics production and other high-precision manufacturing. Structures can be used at every stage of the supply chain from incoming component supply to delivery of finished products to customers. Applications include component supply carts, ergonomic production workstations, and lineside racks. Modular systems are also ideal for building specialty carts to handle delicate and high-value components, sub-assemblies and finished products safely and accurately. They optimize material flow to ensure items are always in the right place at the right time for high performance lean manufacturing.

Our modular systems provide the flexibility and versatility that manufacturers need. Installations can be created simply and quickly. Potential uses include ergonomic workstations, storage, lineside racking, carts, and KanBan/FIFO material flows. Crucially modular systems allow these structures to be modified at will. This helps manufacturers to enable process change, incremental improvements and new ways of working.