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Tube and Bracket have introduced a new Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery & People Visual Management Board in our Factory.

SQCDP BOARD D is for deliveryWe have now commissioned our SQCDP board which serves as a focal point to understand key issues that affect day to day operational activity. By implementing tried and tested techniques from the Aerospace, Automotive and many other world class manufacturing sites, we can adapt and tailor our KPI’s. Helping to provide data driven improvement activities that have previously been difficult to implement effectively.

The operations team are fully on board with the idea of having a joint forum to discuss how we can work better as a multi-functional team.

Mobile Whiteboards, Display Boards and Information Cubes are easily moved around and repositioned as required. They can be wheeled out before each meeting and wheeled back again when the meeting is finished. Handy if you are short of space.

Double sided solutions can be used for displaying information on both sides or to share thought leadership – the step-by-step process of problem solving.

Printed Whiteboards are a great, clean way of keeping information consistent, accessible and easy to understand across all areas.  As with all our solutions these are tailor made to order.

Our solutions are custom designed for your unique environment, helping you make the most of your available space.   Contact us for more information.

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