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Jaguar Land Rover use both fully designed built to order applications and also have their own in-house kaizen team for self-build and maintenance projects.  They are able to adjust existing applications on the fly as and when the need occurs.

As part of their commitment to staff training they regularly update the team on developing technology for continuous improvement in their Kaizen approach.   Tube and Bracket were delighted to provide a half day technical workshop at our new factory in Banbury on the 15th March, comprising of a theoretical session and a hands on practical session.

The aim of the workshop is to offer support and advice from sketch to the final application build.  Familiarisation with our product, weight loads, technical design, structural integrity, safety, making modifications and taking a sketch to the working technical drawing are all covered first in the theory session.

The practical session follows, providing hands on experience with the support of our team. Attendees learn how to build the actual working application from scratch using the technical drawing.


Dawn Wilkins, FA-1 Kaizen Facilitator at  Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull, who attended the workshop, sent us the following feedback:

“Can I firstly say thank you so much for yesterday it was really well presented, informative and overall extremely useful day, in regards to the current and future projects which we are involved with. It was also encouraging to know what other services you can offer to assist us.

It was also very encouraging to speak with Tim and Dina about pic- to- light and AGV’s.

In view of this, please could I ask you if it would be possible to accommodate another event, for another 5 of my colleagues.”

Technical workshops, designed by our Kaizen team, are available on request and are one of the key services we offer to support our customers. 

We welcome customers to visit us and can also provide workshops designed around a specific bespoke solution.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange a visit.

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