Leantek Classic the Traditional Steel Range


A major consideration in the creation of industrial ergonomic working environments is to promote workspace efficiency and productivity.


Modular handling and storage systems allow users to create ergonomic installations that require fewer and shorter movements to access, retrieve and replace a component or assembly than traditional working environments. These small savings contribute to improved productivity while reducing the risks associated with repetitive or unnecessary handling.

leantek_classicis a traditional steel tube and bracket system, invented by Trilogiq. This has been the benchmark for manufacturing companies for almost three decades. Although composite systems are rapidly replacing steel in many scenarios, we continue to support customers using steel systems.

Manufacturers can accommodate a massive increase in workloads by installing new live storage racks built from modular components, with the project completed quickly and no delays in production.

Modular storage promotes low total lifetime cost of ownership because components are inexpensive and reusable.  Making small modifications to your process or activity whenever required is easy to implement, so temporary modular solutions are also justifiable. Components can be reused once a project is completed meaning that the initial investment is not lost when the installation is adapted.


Leantek products fit perfectly with lean implementation programs.  The modularity of Leantek affords the instant roll out of solutions generated as a result of Kaizen activities. For many the biggest benefit is that all components can be reused over and over again, without losing their strength or integrity. Fewer replacement parts are required and the long-term utility of the system delivers excellent return on investment. This range is strong at a price that remains competitive.


Easy-to-assemble brackets.During assembly the unique interlocking design ensures components can be aligned quickly and easily with complete accuracy.


Carbon fibre, anodised aluminium or stainless steel tubes are availablein a variety of sizes, finishes and colours to compliment branding.
Solutions are custom made to match your unique requirements, and a full project management service is provided to ease the process from concept to delivery and installation.

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