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When faced with the challenge of improving visual management. A Mobile Whiteboard can be the perfect solution.

A lightweight and easily transported way to convey visual information that can be moved from room to room. Notes can be attached with magnets, written directly onto the board, the whiteboards support dry-erasing, or displayed in colour coded sleeves.

Using a mobile whiteboard to display information can be one of the most effective forms of communication, shared with staff in the most appropriate location so that you can monitor, manage and engage at all times.

Our visual management solutions can be built to include your AV screens and we can supply frames for Interactive whiteboards. Real-time recording can be streamed to the whiteboard for sharing, making it easy for managers to record and display data, as well as monitoring activity during the course of the day.

Making engagement simple encourages collaboration and helps your team become more efficient.
Our range of tubes and brackets are used to create bespoke visual management solutions to fit the focus of your company communications. Solutions can be built to your precise specification. Mobile whiteboards can transform practical visual management and training, as data is recorded and shared instantaneously.

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