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Our solutions are tailored to your exact visual management requirements, helping you to display information clearly and effectively.

For example:

The Information Cube
is a four sided mobile solution, perfect for saving space, allowing information to be displayed on all sides.  Ideal for discreet storage, as shelves can be fitted inside the cube to keep items neatly stored, or to provide a space for working at a laptop.

More information is displayed in a smaller footprint. Whatever you need, we can design your cube around your specific requirements.

Cubes make an ideal focal point for small meetings throughout the day.  Often at the start or end of the shift for the ‘hand-over’. Issues arising are discussed, problem resolutions decided and actions displayed. Usually a cube will be situated one to each workcell to allow constant access to information for process improvement.

Walk-in solutions are generally in a large area where staff gather to have daily meetings.

Discussions on issues that affect more than one team, not just an individual workcell would be facilitated here;  for example five teams, from five workcells can meet to share problems or issues, discuss mistakes or time taken to complete tasks, plan process changes and praise achievements.

The Walk-in can be any size or shape.
For example you may wish to present from in front of a display on a row of boards, inviting colleagues to follow information in sequence, or meet inside a purpose built application so that participants are surrounded by the information.

Whichever works best for you and your team and whatever information you need to display, we tailor our solutions to you.

Mobile-Board-DHLMobile Whiteboards and Display Boards
are easily moved around and repositioned as required. They can be wheeled out before each meeting and wheeled back again when the meeting is finished. Handy if you are short of space.

Double sided solutions can be used for displaying information on both sides or to share thought leadership – the step-by-step process of problem solving.

Printed Whiteboards are a great, clean way of keeping information consistent, accessible and easy to understand across all areas.  As with all our solutions these are tailor made to order.

Our solutions are custom designed for your unique environment, helping you make the most of your available space.   Contact us for more information.