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The Tube and Bracket Company made the move into the new factory at Middleton Cheney in Banbury during February.

Over the past 18 months the new building has been taking shape and now the flagship Factory and Office space is open for business.

The move was planned in stages for each department, with the Factory move being made first at the beginning of February. The office followed with relocation of the sales department and shortly afterwards the marketing team. This was completed over several days to so as not to disrupt service to our customers.

factory floor

tube and bracket office

The new building makes maximum use of natural light, featuring a glass façade and circular skylight at the entrance. It incorporates high levels of insulation and a partial green living roof which will absorb rainwater and create a home for wildlife.

“We have chosen the latest upgrades in technology to enable maximum efficiency and productivity to allow us to react as quickly as possible to our customers needs.  We have also installed the very latest communication network, allowing our sales team to be on hand at all times. “

“Customers using both steel and composite systems will gain immediate benefit from our brand-new 14,000 sq ft manufacturing production area, built to meet with the increasing demand for our products.  We now have the capacity to provide the complete range of composite and steel components and solutions from our factory in Banbury, and engage with customers using either system”

Dina UK Country Manager added, “The new office space with bigger and better facilities is great way to showcase our brand.My team and I are really looking forward to not only working in such a fantastic environment, but also inviting customers both existing and new into our “working factory showroom”.  We were conscious throughout the build that we wanted to use as much of our system as possible – not only in the factory but the offices too! “   

process-mapping‘Andy Coles,  who joined the company in 2016 as Operations Director, has taken the lead in transforming the new factory space, using his knowledge and expertise to begin to create a centre of excellence in 5s working.

“In order to improve our internal processes, we have been carrying out a ‘Process Mapping Event’.  So far, this exercise has proven to be very useful and has given us a clear picture of all of the ‘non-added value’ within our processes all the way from order to invoice.  During this event a list of Problem/Issue/Opportunity were collated and countermeasures assigned and actioned.”

Andy, who comes from a manufacturing background, has experience of using the applications he is now in charge of creating commented.

“This is a great opportunity for us to optimise our workflow. We have redesigned our processes for maximum efficiency in our new factory, as a result of extensive work mapping our value stream within our production and sales teams. Of course it is a work in progress and with valuable input from my colleagues/team we will be implementing a program of continuous improvement. “

Work in Progress



The new building was launched with an epic Christmas Party on the 22nd December.  See the video on our facebook page and follow us for more updates on our Facebook page

Visit our new factory

Customers who were unable to attend the launch party can still arrange a-walk-around visit by contacting