The beauty of our modular systems is that they are designed to support change

Graphit and Leantek products fit perfectly with lean implementation programs and the instant roll out of solutions generated as a result of Kaizen activities.

Interchangeable and reusable, modifications can be made quickly and easily using basic tools in response to evolving production requirements. Components are extremely versatile and inexpensive.

Our brackets come in two halves which interlock with each other to ensure they can be aligned quickly and easily with complete accuracy during assembly.

Tubes are available in aluminium, stainless steel, coated steel and in a variety of thicknesses, finishes and colours, all in 4m lengths. We also offer the extremely light carbon fibre tube available in 2m lengths.

Rollertrack, guide, castors and label holders are also products we provide to help you make the solutions you require.

We offer 3 ranges of Bracket to suit your specific needs:

GRAPHIT 2 Product RangeGraphit2_GT-F


  • Composite
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Brackets do not mark the tube
  • The most common brackets have been redesigned (GT-A, GT-B, GT-C1, GT-C2) to create a Compact range by removing the flange and making the brackets flush, this is ideal for mounting panels, boards and worktops onto solutions without the need for a spacer.
  • A HiLoad range of brackets, designed with 30% better grip. Available in GT-A, GT-B, GT-C1, GT-C2, GT-D, GT-D1, GT-Dr.
  • The SPHERE range of brackets, designed to allow you to create any angle within your solution, either a fixed angle or a flexible angle.
  • The S Range of brackets designed for use with our Aluminium Striated Tube for subtle and discreet solutions.
  • Brackets available in ESD, carefully designed to eliminate problem buildup of static electricity and insulating conductivity.





  • Composite
  • Available in black only
  • Brackets do not mark the tube
  • Designed to make switching from steel to composite an easier transition without the drastic change of appearance
  • Some similar features to the GRAPHIT 2 Range (Compact Range, HiLoad Range)
  • Limited SPHERE Range that allow you to create adjustable angles. (4 Available Brackets)
  • Limited S Range (2 Available Brackets)
  • Highly competitively priced





  • Steel
  • Available in black or silver
  • Brackets available in ESD, carefully designed to eliminate problem buildup of static electricity and insulating conductivity.

All our bracket ranges are compatible with our 28.6mm tube as well as our roller track, guide, castors, label holders and accessories.

Download our brochures for more information about the components available in each of our ranges.
Feel free to get in touch to ask any questions you may have about the different ranges, and which is most suited to your needs.