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A personalised work space is an important work tool. Workstations and storage placed logically and strategically, to organise the workspace for each activity and operative are a tangible asset in the manufacture of parts and in production.

The creation of ergonomic work environments will promote maximum efficiency and productivity. Our system will allow users to access components or assembly in fewer movements, compared to traditional working environments.

One of our customers, an Industrial lighting manufacturer is transforming production areas at its UK factory by replacing welded fabrications with structures built using our Graphit modular component system. The modular workstations, handling and storage structures being introduced by the company are enabling it to reconfigure production facilities more quickly and easily in response to changing requirements so that it can maintain performance and efficiency.

After assessing potential suppliers the company chose our modular system, comprised of a complete set of tubes, brackets, roller beds and accessories that can be assembled quickly and easily using basic tools to create a wide range of structures such as production cells, workstations, component stores, picking carts, and trolleys.

Installation is carried out on site, and assembly training offered to the workforce, to ensure the correct assembly of modular workstations at the height required. This helps to improve productivity whilst reducing the risks associated with repetitive strain or unnecessary stretching to do tasks.

When sitting is the new smoking, standing at a mobile workstation, with pull out keyboard and monitor functions, offers additional health benefits.

Injuries can occur if certain postures are maintained for long periods of time. Hunching over a desk, over-reaching to retrieve heavy items or standing and turning frequently at an awkward angle, all contribute to repetitive strain related injuries.

Workstations that are optimised for the production environment, at the correct height and convenient for work, help to combat overreaching and reduce the injuries that can lead to staff absences. Refreshed and comfortable staff are less likely to make mistakes, therefore expensive product defects and production slow-downs are reduced. Minimising the occurrence of injury helps eliminate rejected product and returns for a more effective production process. Frequently dealing with returned items that must be fixed or replaced can have a negative impact on staff and affects the customers perception of your products and services.

Manufacturers can reduce costly product defects and returns by using modular workstations created for specific production processes.

Get in touch with us and discover how easy our systems are to assemble, and start implementing a culture of continuous improvement in your company.