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Banners and other items can be displayed quickly, easily and professionally with the new modular Graphit2® system from TRILOGIQ

The system’s new lighter weight composites are up to 65% lighter than the original Graphit system which makes them easier to handle and transport.  Now with reinforced grip to absorb the knocks of continuous use, Graphit 2 brackets used with the dedicated 28.6mm tube,  are reusable and will not mark or damage the tube when reconfigured.

vm-polidia-displayThe weight saving that can be achieved with Graphit allows users to create installations and visual management solutions that are easier to handle and move than similar designs constructed using steel components.

Aluminium and stainless-steel tubes can be assembled into stylish and innovative banner frames and three-dimensional structures of any shape or size using a variety of easy-to-use connectors.

All our modular systems are fully-reusable which makes them ideal for exhibitions or temporary displays and visual management solutions because complete lightweight structures can be handled easily between events or disassembled to reduce storage or transportation space requirements. The components produce stronger joints than conventional systems and are resistant to liquids, contaminants and corrosion which also makes them ideal for outdoor use. Trilogiq systems are exclusively available in the UK from the Tube and Bracket Company.

oxford-plygonOur tubes are available in a choice of coated aluminium, carbon, anodised aluminium or stainless steel in a variety of finishes and shades to complement the colours of the connectors. Tubes can be supplied in different thickness to suit light or heavy loads. Cut on site, to any length to create the desired configuration and dimension for the application. The end stops are supplied with clean profile lines to guarantee consistent seating inside the joint.

Our extensive range of wheels and accessories can all be used with all our modular systems to provide users with complete flexibility to design and configure their installations for maximum efficiency and productivity. (See Russian Rangers case study)

If you are planning an event and need to source a solution that is easy to manage and looks great, contact us now for more information.