Portinox delivers in the Food Industry

While Portinox continues to meet ever growing demand Graphit meets the challenge!

portinox-logoPortinox maintain their centre of excellence in stainless steel transformation for transport and storage, by moving away from the fixed metal structures traditionally dominating food industry manufacturing processes.

The company formed in 1965 is located in Granada (Spain).  In 1978 they joined the Teka Group and continue to grow.  They have become the global leader in manufacturing stainless steel containers for all industries, providing packaging solutions for a wide range of industrial products, from beverage kegs to Gas and LPG Containers.

Portinox currently produces 1,500,000 containers per year, that’s more than 300 million pints of beer!

Portinox approached Trilogiq Iberia, specialist in sensitive and hermetic environments and a trusted supplier of composite components,  to assist them with their challenge to find a bespoke solution with the flexibility to maintain high levels of hygiene and food safety standards whilst increasing productivity and reducing costs.

The professional team at Trilogiq Iberia designed and assembled the Graphit  range of composite seals, stainless tubes and aseptic roller tracks, adding an upper load level and one return level, and a ball table and treadmill to the existing infrastructure. This way the operator has everything within easy reach and the trolley ensures optimal production flow.

The components used are up to 86% lighter than conventional steel systems in addition to being anti-corrosive and airtight.

Graphit have the perfect range for sensitive and hermetic environments to help you face the challenges your production line can produce.  We are specialists in creating Lean manufacturing applications and bespoke solutions.

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