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We are always looking at ways to improve fulfilment of our customers requirements at the Tube and Bracket Company.

One simple approach has been the reduction in the number of handling operations and the distances that our production staff have to move when picking or retrieving components to make our solutions. This may sound obvious but consider a process involving upto 50 tasks, then removing just one can impact by a 2% time reduction.

Optimising our production processes since we moved into our new factory building 14 months ago has made a huge difference.  We have value streamed our processes and have a policy of continuous improvement to maximise our efficiency going forward. 

A fully stocked Leantek kitting trolley delivers all the components needed for the task

Our components are cut and delivered direct to our assembly operatives on our Leantek kitting trolleys, arranged in the right position and height for productive and efficient work. There is no need for anyone to walk, move or stretch when picking items, which means handling movements and distances are minimised. This has reduced the time taken to complete each task and increased productivity.

Bolts and accessories are stored ready for picking from Leantek under pallet storage racks

The rest of the materials; brackets, bolts and accessories are picked from our Kanban storage and added to the parts supermarket. Ready to be added to the project kitting trolley near the assembly area. The drawing is taped to the kitting trolley to identify the customer and project number.

“By installing a new under-pallet Kanban storage system for our GRAPHIT product range, stock levels are instantly more visible and allow the team to manage the inventory with greater accuracy.  All Graphit stock is now picked and replenished safely and with ease. The low level pick operation has also reduced the forklift activity within the warehouse area by 80%.”

Explained Andy Coles, Operations Director.

Replenishments of components and sub-assemblies are made outside the main working area to eliminate disruptions to continuous working. This prevents production and stock operatives getting in each other’s’ way. Items are delivered in sequence to support strict stock rotation and quality assurance.

Completed items are fed out of the production area into the test and store area where they will be quality checked and prepared ready for delivery.

Our experienced design team can help you optimise your processes too. Contact us today to make an appointment for a visit to assess and discuss your unique workflow requirements.