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Our steel Tube & Bracket system

The LeanTek steel tube and joint system, invented by Trilogiq, has been the benchmark for manufacturing companies for almost three decades. Although composite systems are rapidly replacing steel in many scenarios, we continue to support customers using steel systems.

Our LeanTek range also offers ESD, preventing electrical or electrostatic to your product

Our Leantek and Graphit ranges offer ESD conductive, dissipative and insulation products, carefully designed to eliminate the problem buildup of static electricity and insulating conductivity. The ideal solution for manufacturing applications such as electronics packaging, safety applications, and the production of automotive parts, they are effective in protecting electrical components from damage, because the surface has electrically dissipative properties.

ESD material can also be used outside the ESD room to prevent any electric and or electrostatic risk to your products (fluid and liquids, electronic devices, etc). Our ESD tubes and brackets will also minimise the risks associated with wet food and drink production, solvent distribution and working with flammable chemicals.


  • Slow release static charge
  • Insulating conductivity, eliminates particle emissions
  • Non-corrosive to electronic components
  • Idea for parts protection and low humidity environments.

Our Leantek and Graphit solutions range conform to the international standards for ESD material and environments, IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2. Trilogiq offers ESD tubing in a range of sizes, please contact us for advice on your specific requirements.

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