Protect parts and use space more efficiently


Materials need to be stored effectively, not only to reduce damage but to eliminate wasted space. The Tube and Bracket Company offer many storage solutions to fit any area and suit any requirement.

A few examples of these are:

supermarketsSupermarket Racksgenerically large flow racks, used to sort and store parts on delivery.
The supermarket rack is stocked, ready and waiting to be picked and loaded onto the next destination.

Flow Racks
any sized rack that uses roller track to feed boxes or parts to the front of the rack. They can be incorporated into many different solutions, such as workstations, work-cells and conveyors.  Our flow racks can be loaded from the back or the side to suit whichever solution you need.  Flow racks also help to implement the First In First Out rule (FIFO) – The first box onto the rack will be the first box delivered for use.

Kanban Racks – specifically used to help with stock control. Each part will have a designated lane and each column will have a return lane, either on the top or bottom of the rack. When the return lane is used it will signal that the rack needs refilling.  

Aircelle-Toast-Rack-BLeantek-Toast-Rack-BToast Racks – typically used to store parts on their side to save space. For example, instead of storing a door horizontally and flat, using a toast rack will enable storage of the door on its side or upright, to reduce the storage footprint and increase production space.

Parts Protection Racks – designed to protect unusually shaped, delicate or high value parts, that don’t readily fit into a box or toast rack. Our tubes can be covered with neoprene to protect freshly painted items to stop them from being damaged, saving on the extra cost that could be incurred by repainting.

We can also incorporate dunnage bags within our solutions, these are great for small parts that need to be separated rather than put together in boxes. A dunnage bag is a PVC material that separates and protects parts using pigeon hole locations. Dunnage bags are also good for storing fragile parts that need to be protected from our tubing.

Our solutions are tailored to fit your specific requirements, contact us for more information.