Road testing the production line of the future

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If you are planning a move to new premises, why not take the opportunity to improve, refine and adjust your processes?

When production and design have been managed at the same factory over a number of years, available workspace can be pushed to critical limits and updating processes can be hampered, as old factory buildings may not have the infrastructure or room to house new technology.

One of our customers in the automotive industry, has decided to introduce new systems whilst exploring  possibilities for a new factory project. Our team were asked to create an ergonomic production line that can be road tested before the company goes ahead with their planned new build.  This is giving them the perfect chance to improve, refine and adjust process for the future, whilst still in production at their current facility.

Our team have designed a purpose built optimised replacement for the current production line.  20 workstations, one for each stage of the build, with all the fixtures and fittings (also built in-house) organised and supplied direct to the appropriate station and added as the vehicles make the production journey.  This reduces the number of actions needed to complete each task and eliminates unnecessary time away from the production line.

Optimising storage areas and reducing the distance production staff need to move has had a major impact on productivity. Gravity fed live storage ensures economical use of the current space and components are delivered direct to the assembly position when needed. This has reduced the time needed to complete each task. .

“Organising each task has increased the speed and efficiency of our process so that we are now able to hit our 12 minute production target. When we move into our new factory, we plan on installing two production lines, one for each model.”

Manufacturers can be more responsive to changing conditions and offer greater flexibility to their customers by improving performance in incremental steps, creating a steady increase in productivity and optimising processes.

Taking the opportunity to test and refine improvements can often see a project evolve from the original visualisation to a solution that not only incorporate new technologies, but is more efficient and cost effective.


Staff involvement in making changes can help to create a streamlined, user friendly and happier environment that staff champion, having an impact on future growth and staff retention.

If you are planning to move into new premises or just want the make the most of the space you have, why not improve, refine and adjust your processes? Contact us for more information on how to create your factory of the future.