Save workspace, go vertical!


Vertical storage (toast racks) in manufacturing and distribution can be a valuable asset in creating ergonomic work-spaces. High volumes of inventory can be stored efficiently, particularly in sensitive environments where it is important to meet rigorous standards. For example in the pharmaceutical, health and beauty care sectors.

Toast Racks are an innovative storage solution that can recover up to 80% of the available floor space currently occupied by horizontal storage.

PALLET RACKSThe applications are named toast racks because they resemble the traditional tableware for serving toast and passing it around the table.  The term toast rack is also used in other fields, for example railway and architectural design, usually as a derivative term for objects resembling a toast rack

Delicate items designed for vertical positioning are most effectively stored and transported using ergonomically designed mobile toast racks. Vertical storage will not only reduce damage and eliminate wasted space, but with the addition of roller tracks at the base; provide easy mobility, reduce over-INCORPORATES ROLLER TRACK AT BASEreaching and give staff access to products with minimal effort.

Toast racks can be assembled and configured to match specific requirements using a wide range of standard interchangeable components.  

Applications can be modified very quickly using basic tools with little or no additional capital investment whenever moving and handling needs change. This makes them the ideal solution for handling items where adaptability, flexibility and efficiency are required to support best practice and performance improvement.

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