We help with process improvement and offer a full range of services for industry

We provide full logistical support across the United Kingdom and worldwide via our partners at Trilogiq.

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    We can engineer and design you a solution through end-to-end project management

    We can provide a dedicated team to manage your product from conception to completion. We'll visit your site, consider your processes, functional requirements and budget, and propose a complete custom solution.

    Our vast experience of implementing lean modular solutions – for vast, multi-site installations, smaller ad-hoc projects or Kaizen events – means you can rest assured that your solution will be on time and budget.

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    We can construct and build the solution for you, or go for self-build

    We'll visit your site, assess your application requirements and design a custom solution. Complete solutions are typically delivered to your site ready for use, or if you go for self-build components will be supplied as a kit for your own engineers to assemble on site. Larger applications may require additional assembly on-site by our highly-experienced build team.

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    We can supply additional components so you can reconfigure your system to meet changing business needs

    Project Engineers familiar with the Graphit and Leantek systems can order additional components in order to expand or reconfigure their applications.

Get expert advice and guidance on your project with an on-site visit

Organise a site visit where one of our sales team will visit you to review your requirements in detail, working alongside you to establish the most effective & suitable solution.

Your specification will then be discussed with our tech team and we will produce a visual representation of our solution, ensuring that we have covered all aspects of your requirement perfectly.

This will be accompanied by our in depth quotation, whereby we will confirm pricing and lead-time.

Post order communication is then handled by our meticulous operations team, where they ensure your delivery expectations are always met.

Do you already have an idea of what you want?

You can also just send us a simple sketch or configure your own design on graphit.com and we will give you a call to discuss pricing and options. 

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Are you ready to place an order?

Simply send us a purchase order or pay by card payment and leave the rest to our experienced Operations team where we will ensure that your expectations are met and your project is delivered on time and in full, every time.

Contact a member of our team either at sales@tubeandbracket.com or on 01295 277791 to discuss your requirements.  From here we will determine the most efficient next steps.