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shadow tool boards

Order a bespoke modular shadow tool board

Shadow boards play an increasingly important role in lean process management and 5S compliant workplaces – following the mantra ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ while improving the visual management of tools and stock. Easily integrated with our workstations and storage applications, we can create custom shadow boards for almost any scenario.   Get Organised With Shadow Tool Boards Getting organised is easy with integrated shadow tool boards. Designed to fit with workbenches, carts and trolleys to […]

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communication board

Order a bespoke modular communication board

Use our Visual Management boards to aid communication with your staff – from KANBAN to SQCDP Visual Management Boards Our modular information cubes and boards provide a distinctive and stylish way to present news and data in any setting. Installations can be created to match specific requirements. They can be modified quickly and easily at any time. Structures can be integrated into visual management, production environments and other settings. This helps to promote engagement and understanding.

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toast rack pushable kitting trolley

Order a bespoke modular trolley

Improve handling, transportation and picking with carts built using our modular systems.

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ergonomic workstations

Order a bespoke modular workstation

Improve manufacturing efficiency and performance with workstations built from our modular systems.

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live storage racks

Order a bespoke modular live storage rack

Improve parts stores, picking faces and lineside replenishment with live storage built using our modular systems.

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