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Quality Bespoke Flow Racking

Tube & Bracket gravity-fed flow racking systems can be a great solution to a number of your storage problems. Our flow racking makes it easy to scale your units to accommodate your space, demand for storage, and custom requirements. Ideal for lean manufacturing and kanban, our flow racks help you to optimise your entire process by being totally customisable.  The customisation goes beyond just the colour and branding. We take into account how our flow systems will be used, what kind of parts will be loading and unloading, and how we can make this as easy and quick as possible for the users. Conveyors can be angled at different inclines to affect the speed of the flow and bring your parts to the correct height. With loading done from the back of the flow racks to be queued for presentation at the front for unloading, our systems are in fact, FIFO racks ensuring your parts first-in will be dispensed first-out.

Cartons within the flow rack system are also built bespoke to house various sized parts and present them best when picking.

Our Industrial Racking materials

The majority of our wide range of industrial & warehouse flow rack systems are built using our special composite materials called Graphit, though we do also offer a stainless steel alternative called Leantek.

Graphit components allow us to build our most versatile systems yet! We can factor in variables that affect your production and create a system that works for YOU. Graphit can be branded using your colours, branded signage, and your choice of joints.

storage flow racks & flow racking systems

gravity flow racks system
  • Ergonomic presentation of components.
  • Parts presented in the right place at the right time.
  • Maximum utilisation of a gravity-fed flow system.
  • Facilitate Kanban and FIFO rack rotation.
  • Colour and signage options to match your branding.
  • Space is fully utilised

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