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Our modular live storage racks can be integrated into manufacturing and storage applications. They maximise efficiency, optimise material handling flows and make the best possible use of available space. Flow racks, or live storage racks, offer you optimum operating conditions whether that be a warehouse, factory, or other. Our modular storage racking helps you reduce wastage and save on space, whilst having that added benefit of easy manoeuvrability and lightweight strength. Check out the quality of our Graphit and Leantek materials that we use to build all our bespoke solutions from.

Properly designed, they will present items at the ideal height and position for simple and ergonomic access. Tube racking can be modified quickly and easily to support process change and enable incremental improvements. We can incorporate a range of racking systems such as a gravity flow rack that feeds itself forward as required, easily adaptable racks, and also systems that are tailored to your workplace.

With safety in mind, our products are built using Leantek, a steel ESD conductive, dissipative, and insulative material, meaning your parts and components are protected from a static charge that can affect a range of electronics and flammables. As an alternative to our steel range, we also our a lightweight composite material called Graphit. Like with the Leantek solution, Graphit is also equipt with ESD to protect your parts.

Our live tube racking systems are an ideal solution for FIFO and LIFO storage racks in your workspace. Contact us for a quote or we also offer downloadable brochures if you’d like to get more information on our solutions.

live storage racks

live storage racking system for large movements of parts
  • Ergonomic presentation of components.
  • Parts presented in the right place at the right time.
  • Maximum utilisation of factory floor space.
  • Facilitate Kanban and First in, first out stock rotation.
  • Colour and signage options to match your branding.

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