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Our modular systems are made for material handling. When we develop our lean solutions for businesses, streamlining parts and material handling is at the forefront of our plans. 

By using our modular Graphit and Leantek systems, we can design and create handling solutions that are bespoke to your premises and processes. Integrated together, our equipment can outperform previous operations by increasing efficiency.

Our manual handling solutions include introducing kitting trolleys, ergonomic workstations, live storage racking and communication boards. These solutions allow your business to operate productively and follow ‘5s’ and ‘kanban’ principles for lean manufacturing and distribution. 

Don’t run a manufacturing or distribution company? The solutions we offer apply to a wide range of sectors – not just manufacturing. We supply industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics & Appliances, and Healthcare & Medical with leading handling solutions that have been proven to improve business operations. 

When in-process handling, it’s important to have the right control and support of the items in transit. That’s why we base our designs around the materials that will need handling, and the path they’ll need to take in your process line. Our material handling solutions reduce the need for hoisting and jacking equipment.

toast rack pushable kitting trolley

Hear more about our material and manual handling systems, and learn more about their bespoke features:


material handling
  • Designed around your operations
  • Reduce manual lifting
  • Load bearing handling solutions
  • Save time and space with tailor-made systems

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