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Shadow boards play an increasingly important role in lean process management and 5S compliant workplaces – following the mantra ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ while improving the visual management of tools and stock. Easily integrated with our workstations and storage applications, we can create custom shadow boards for almost any scenario.


Get Organised With Shadow Tool Boards

Getting organised is easy with integrated shadow tool boards. Designed to fit with workbenches, carts and trolleys to support the efficient completion of tasks. The purpose of shadow tool boards is to keep your tool storage in the correct position and ready for use, whilst managing the security of tools and loss prevention.

Tools and equipment can represent a major investment for any business, and their storage, organization, and security can have a big impact on costs and efficiency. Our systems enable custom storage, visual management, and protection of delicate or valuable items. We can create custom templates for tools and provide pre-cut silhouettes, as well as, educating your team on best practice.

With our extensive experience designing work cells to optimize efficiency, and a range of shadow boards, pegboards, and other parts protection materials, we can help you ensure your tools and equipment are organized, used and stored safely and securely using our custom shadow tool boards.

shadow tool boards
  • Complete visual management of tools.
  • Incorporates 5's within the work area.
  • Stand alone or incorporated into a trolley or workstation.
  • Custom sizing and printing suit your requirements.
  • Range of material available including two colour Foam and Nylon.
  • Colour options to match your branding.
  • custom shadow tool boards to match your inventory

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