The modular approach to visual excellence

Progressive manufacturers are now taking the concept of visual management a stage further, by creating installations with the standardised equipment they use in production environments, to integrate the seamless presentation of vital information.

Cube-with-4-selves-insideWe have created a range of visual management solutions for major manufacturing companies, so that staff can clearly see information at specific locations across site. Information vital to production is recorded and presented; such as Safety, Quality, Delivery and much more.
The solutions are built using our modular system of tubes and brackets. We can frame any size board which will display the information needed for your specified area.

There are many ways you can display information on the boards

  • Fixed position acrylics where information can be easily inserted and changed regularly. This is perfect for big organisations, where the visual management solutions need to be the same in all areas. Having fixed positions makes reading the information clear and consistent across the whole site.
  • Magnetic holders provide the flexibility to make changes as and when required. They are most suited to record
    changes for processes that are constantly updated.

Our visual management solutions are clearly labelled so you can find recorded information easily.

The visual management system is used to present employees with concise information about the

performance of the production area.
This includes details of:

  • production volumes
  • status of projects
  • performance against goals or targets
  • calls to action
  • safety information

As with all visual management systems the objective is to be as clear and unambiguous as possible.

Our solutions present your information in the simplest possible way to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in production areas.

Contact us for more information on our visual management solutions.

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