Tube and Bracket At IMHX (17S100)

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We will be demonstrating lean manufacturing live storage, workstation and handling solutions built using the modular Leantek system at IMHX 2008

The company’s products help manufacturers to introduce continuous improvement and other lean manufacturing principles into their operations by optimising the working environment for productive, efficient and ergonomic assembly, picking, handling and storage.

The Leantek system includes a wide range of interchangeable tubular components, brackets, wheels and accessories that can be used to create live storage racks, carts, trolleys, and workstations that can be adapted, reconfigured and rebuilt whenever required. This flexibility delivers greater cost effectiveness and lower overall cost of ownership than comparable devices made from welded steel or similar materials.

Live storage racks can be built with Leantek to the specific dimensions and performance requirements of the manufacturing or picking application. They feed components just-in-time directly to the picking face, production cell or lineside and are often used to support first-in, first-out and Kanban operations. Items move under gravity from the rear of the installation to the front where they are presented to production or warehouse staff at the optimum position for picking. This eliminates the need to walk or reach to fetch items and helps keep the production or storage area clean and tidy. Installations can be configured to match the exact width and height of items so that the optimum space, no more and no less, is occupied.

Workstations built with Leantek are ideal for production applications that require flexibility or non-standard solutions. The Leantek components can be assembled to create structures that are exactly matched to specific requirements. The ergonomics of the working area can be optimised to improve the layout of the workstation including storage, shelving, benches and tools so that items are close at hand for convenience and increased productivity. This helps manufacturers to create production cells that are optimised for the specific application but which can be modified quickly and easily when different processes are introduced.

Carts and trolleys built with Leantek are lightweight and manoeuvrable for easy and safe manual operation. They are built specifically for the application, for example to handle unusually shaped or sized items, where conventional solutions would be impractical or too expensive. They are also ideal for high value, painted or fragile components that require special care or protection when being handled in work areas.

The modular Leantek system supports rapid implementation and reconfiguration. New or temporary workstations and handling equipment can be built quickly and adapted easily to meet changing process requirements. This means that the overall cost of implementation and ownership is reduced because all components can be reused for new applications.