Tube and Bracket tee off at Batchworth Park

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The winning team from left to right are Mike Faulkner, (with Nick Tyler)  Alan Mellor and Ade Bird.

On Tuesday 25th July, the Tube and Bracket company entered four teams in the annual Tom Marsh memorial Golf Day at Batchworth Park.

At 8:30am, team members; Nick Tyler, Andy Coles, Tim Massey, Craig Smith, Lee Phillips, Mick Phillips, Paul Hornby, Paul Warrington, Chris Tuzzio, Steve Sadler and Graham Collett met at the factory carpark in Middleton Cheney, before venturing on their drive to the Golf course in Rickmansworth Hertfordshire.

A quick stop on route at Bicester to collect Alan Mellor, Ade Bird and Mike Faulkner, then the team was completed by Mike Bayliss, who joined them on arrival. Much appreciated bacon sandwiches were enjoyed by the guys before tee off. A sticky start to the game, giving everyone a good laugh; Andy Coles of Tube and Bracket took his first shot, which ended up on the ladies tee off point and not in the direction that Andy intended at all.

This year funds are being raised for the Alzheimer’s Society. Rotary Club of Elthorne, Hillingdon has been running the charity golf day for over 20 years and during that time raised of £200.000 to support a variety of charities. To find out more about the event and support the charity visit 


Nick Tyler and the Tube and Bracket team have played in the event for 16 years. Each year Nick decides on a different outfit for the team, which is kept secret until the day. The guys look forward to getting the surprise outfits, and never know what to expect before the game.

Mr hornby collects the prize for nearest the pin
Mr Hornby collects the prize for nearest the pin

The winning team were Alan Mellor, Ade Bird and Mike Faulkner. Alan Mellor won the highest score of the day.

They were lucky with the weather, as rain was forecast, but the day remained dry though a little cloudy to start. A sunny afternoon going into the evening, when celebratory drinks at The Bounty at Bourne End were enjoyed before returning home “ quite late “ !

Paul Hornby won ‘Nearest the Pin’.  Celebrating his win Paul proclaimed

“most fun I’ve had all week, pro-am golf watch out, here I come!”

“Joking apart, it’s a great event that we are really pleased to take part in.  This year the day netted £7,000 for the Alzheimer’s society.  A great job lads!”