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Get your staff excited about the benefits of Lean thinking.

Engaging people involved in the process of change is crucial. Creating an environment where applying Lean thinking can deliver results includes giving people time and space to contribute.

It takes time to develop new processes. The commitment is long term, not ‘just another initiative’

A vision of the possibilities and a willingness to experiment is required for improvements to be continuously maintained and reviewed.

Many of the initial benefits gained from Lean Manufacturing principles are seen through:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Reclaimed space
  • Waste reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved working conditions

Spending time on the factory floor observing and listening to operatives who see waste, the associated costs and the lack of product flow will give a you a fresh perspective.

A lean approach requires adaptability, so that structures can be modified when the process or handling requirement change – to maintain ergonomic and operational efficiency. For improvements to be sustainable, production line operators need to be actively involved in identifying the problems, and responsible for implementing and monitoring the solutions.

Many manufacturers, warehouse operators and retailers have realised that modular handling and storage systems such as GRAPHIT and LEANTEK from the Tube and Bracket Company offer the versatility they need to build bespoke structures but with the inherent flexibility to support change.  Structures such as production cells, workstations, component stores, picking carts, and trolleys – are assembled using interchangeable components such as tubes, brackets, roller track and wheels.


Tubes can be cut to any length and connected in any orientation to create a robust framework and present items at precisely the right position for the most convenient access and ergonomic working.

Monitoring and maintaining improvements will assist continual growth. Lean it is not a quick fix solution, it is a long term strategy.

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